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About Us

For decades, Charles Moser has written academic papers, popular books, and taught about Diverse Sexualities. Over the years his desire to give back to the field and make the journey a bit easier for those who follow has only grown. DSREI is the culmination of that dream.
    Research and education which focus on sexual identities, sexual orientations, sexual behaviors, sexual interests, gender identities, gender orientations, gender expressions, relationship identities, relationship orientations, and relationship structures not accepted by the dominant culture.
    DSREI does not support, focus on, or condone nonconsensual activities.
Sex research is underfunded and the funding that does exist does not focus on those areas not accepted by the dominant culture. Universities are hesitant to hire faculty who are interested in studying these topics, due to lack of grant money and sensitivity of alumni and other donors to these topics. DSREI will support researchers to promote research projects in furtherance of the DSREI mission. It will also offer awards recognizing research excellence to increase the recognition of these researchers and their work. It is hoped that DSREI’s support will spur these researchers to continue their studies and encourage new researchers to study Diverse Sexualities. There is a dearth of training for professionals concerning the particular needs of people who identify with or whose practices involve Diverse Sexualities. DSREI will support and inspire excellence in clinical practice by offering grants, awards, and other assistance to create, distribute, and publicize training programs. DSREI will help draft clinical guidelines to guide practice. DSREI will also promote educational programs for the public, law enforcement, and other professionals and paraprofessionals
To transform our understanding of the spectrums of sexual interests, gender expressions, and relationship structures.
Academic rigor, creativity, excellence, objectivity, and sex positivity.
Create an impeccable reputation for excellence. Become known as an excellent resource in support of sex research, education, and training pertaining to diverse sexualities. Raise awareness of the need for further sex research, education, and training pertaining to the spectrums of sexual interests, gender expressions, and intimate relationships.
We know the importance of a good logo, but everyone had wildly divergent views of what it should be. Our logo emerged over time. The triangle shape has been associated with oppressed minorities, adopted by both the oppressors and the oppressed, so the triangle seems well suited to our mission. The spirals are stylized Fibonacci spirals, a ubiquitous and a surprisingly fundamental shape throughout the universe. The three spirals represent the diversity (and the interconnectedness) of sexuality, gender, and relationships.
On 12/19/17, the Articles of Incorporation of the Diverse Sexualities Research and Education Institute (DSREI) were filed with the California Office of the Secretary of State. This new organization has been designated a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization by the IRS and a charity (#CT0256530) by the State of California. Our bylaws have been drafted, our conflict of interest policy written, required forms have been filed, and this website is taking shape. We are ready to begin the work to make the goals of DSREI a reality. Join us!
We are NOT ready to evaluate grant proposals or educational programs at this time but hope to soon. This announcement is intended to announce our existence and to mobilize support. We are looking for help. Please see our sign-up page if you are interested in working with us. One day soon, we hope to fund research grants, create awards recognizing the contributions of researchers and educators, acknowledge and publicize specific research projects, and evaluate and certify educational programs. DSREI may create or support academic journals, websites, and other venues to publish, attract, distribute, and catalog research focused on diverse sexualities. A detailed fundraising plan to support DSREI’s mission will be forthcoming soon. As a new organization, without an endowment, we need to start small. Nevertheless, we have big plans, great enthusiasm, and a serious commitment to our mission.

 "It is a fundamental of taxonomy that nature rarely deals with discrete categories." 

                                                 - Alfred Kinsey

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DSREI needs your help to make our mission a reality.  If you want to make the study of diverse sexualities an integral part of sex research and education, please share your time and expertise.

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"The woman who needs to be liberated most is the woman in every man, and the man who needs to be liberated most is the man in every woman"

- Magnus Hirshfeld