Founding Partners* ($2500 and over)
  • Charles Moser, PhD, MD
  • David Hersh, EdD and Linda Olafsen Ford – Hersh Centre for Sexual Wellness
  • Maria Navarro
Sponsors ($1000-$2499)
  • Tumori Foundation
  • Gary A. Rust, MD
  • David Ortmann (
  • Thomas R & Katherine T Burns Charitable Fund
Allies ($250-$999)
  • Sutter Health/CPMC, Department of Medicine
  • Maria Navarro
Friends ($1-$249)
  • The Navarro Family
  • In memory of George & Miriam Moser
  • Patrick Mulcahey
  • Bay Area Social Workers in Health Care
  • In memory of Sergio Anguiano
  • Lisa B Schwartz, PhD
  • Shawn Patrick and Nancy Kelly
  • Sharon Nathan, PhD
*Founding Partners are those donors who contribute at the Partner’s level during the first year of DSREI.

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