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DSREI Forum Information and Participation Rules

Welcome to our discussion forum, a place to ask questions and discuss clinical cases, education, and scientific research concerning Diverse Sexualities.  We want to keep the focus on Diverse Sexualities, but of course, other aspects of sexuality, gender and relationships will be discussed.

The rules (in no particular order):

  • Play nice
  • No flaming, ad hominem attacks, being contrary, or disparaging any group or diverse sexuality
  • Stay on topic!
  • No commercial announcements (without the express permission of the moderators)
  • No links to other websites (besides your own personal page or the DSREI webpages), links to individual abstracts are permissible.
  • The moderators’ decisions are final
  • Be prepared to apologize! If someone is offended or upset by your post, apologize.  You are NOT apologizing for the content, but for offending someone.  If you cannot apologize, then please do not join the Forum
  • Everything on the Forum is confidential and may not be shared with anyone who is not a current Forum member.

Who may join?

  • Professionals, members of Diverse Sexualities Support groups, or individuals specifically invited by the moderators
  • All members of DSREI Board of Directors, various committees, or volunteers
  • At this time we are asking that members of the press and lay public NOT join. This decision will be reviewed periodically, but until we work out the kinks (pun intended) this seems like the best plan
  • The moderators may place any member on moderation or ban them from the Forum at their discretion. A procedure to appeal these decisions will be forthcoming, until then please use the contact form located at https://dsrei.org/contact-us/

What is appropriate on the DSREI Forum:

  • Discussion of research, education initiatives or techniques, medical advances, books, or articles related to diverse sexualities
  • Discussion of advocacy and politics concerning diverse sexualities
  • News items related to diverse sexualities
  • Announcement of conferences, books, articles, CFP that directly relate to diverse sexualities. Please post each announcement only once
  • Official DSREI news
  • Requests for consultation on and discussion of clinical cases focused on diverse sexualities

What is not appropriate on DSREI Forum, except with permission of the moderators:

  • Dissemination of copyrighted materials, including academic journal articles. You may post links to the article and/or the abstract.
  • Advertisements to recruit research subjects
  • Continuing Education courses
  • Posting on threads that have been closed by the moderators
  • Spam, links with viruses, or off-topic emails
  • Issues concerning DSREI corporate decisions or business, except the rules that govern the Forum