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Kink Clinical Practice Guidelines Project Overview

People who are interested or involved in sexualities that are usually called “kinky” can receive therapy or counseling that is uninformed, or sometimes even stigmatizing and harmful.

The Kink Clinical Practice Guidelines Project has the goal of producing clinical practice guidelines for mental healthcare providers, when working with kink/BDSM involved patients and clients.  We desire these guidelines to reflect the best clinical judgment and experience, and the most up-to-date empirical research, that we can gather.

By creating these practice guidelines, we hope to move the entire field of mental health further towards providing competent care to these people we care so much about.

Please help support this project.  A big part of this work is reaching out to all the various stakeholders in this area, professionals and communities alike.  Websites, campaigns, presentations to community groups and to professional groups, publications – all of these avenues of communication require funds to support.

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