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Newsletter: September 2018

The September 2018 DSREI Newsletter
This newsletter will keep you up to date on the latest happenings at DSREI.  We originally thought we would be using a new newsletter template, but we are quickly learning that everything takes longer than expected, which is why the September newsletter is in October.  We are also open to suggestions for a catchy name for our newsletter, any ideas?

This quarter, DSREI was quite involved in the Kink Guidelines project.  A number of people associated with both groups presented a panel on the need for kink guidelines at the American Psychological Association Annual Meeting.  Our session was very well received and attended.  DSREI in partnership with Kinky Guidelines project will process donations for the group.

  • Richard Sprott (who is also a member of DSREI’s Education Committee, as well as CARAS  and TASHRA)
  • Anna Randall (who is a TASHRA Founder and a wonderful person)
  • Peter Chirnos (who initiated the Kink Knowledgeable project, to train therapists )
  • Charles Moser, hope I do not need to introduce myself again at this point.
Also at the APA meeting was Russell Stambaugh and Susan Wright (a member of the DSREI Advisory Board) from NCSF, who bestowed the 2018 Race Bannon Advocacy Award on Race Bannon (who is also on the DSREICommunity Advisory Board) in front of Harvey Milk’s old photography studio.

The 2020 Diverse Sexualities Book Award competition is underway, we already have two book submissions (or at least two publishers have said they will submit books).

DSREI became an endorser of International Pronoun Day, which is on 10/17/18, check it out.

DSREI has launched an online discussion group for researchers, educators, and clinicians who work with Diverse Sexualities, to help us all communicate.  We are happy to announce the signup on the dsrei.org website is active.

We considering other email groups to promote the mission of DSREI.  December is Diverse Sexualities Month, any ideas on how we can best publicize it.  As always, we are looking for your input.

Hopefully, the December 2018 Newsletter will be on time.